The Lodges at Humber Valley Resort
Skiing, Marble Mountain, Western Newfoundland
Sunrise, Humber River, Western Newfoundland
Salmon Jumping, Big Falls, Upper Humber River, Western Newfoundland

Marble Mountain

Humber River
Big Falls

Things to do

Humber Valley Resort is located in the heart of an undiscovered natural playground. It nestles in the forest between the northern banks of Deer Lake and the Humber River and the slopes of the northernmost section of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Western Newfoundland is sparsely populated giving plenty of opportunity to get that "away from it all" feeling. The air is clear and clean allowing long views on fine days.

Whales and Iceberg, St Anthony, Western Newfoundland

Whales, near St Anthony

Western Newfoundland has the only proven site of Viking settlement in North America. Newfoundland itself was the location of the first settlement of North America by European fishermen and whalers. It was visited and colonized by successive waves of English, Irish, French and Basque settlers who have left behind a rich cultural heritage which provides much of interest for the visitor to explore. There is also a vibrant local music scene.

A highlight of most visitors' stay in Newfoundland is their interaction with the locals. People here are generally open, friendly and interested in meeting people "from away". So take the time to stop and chat awhile.

The Humber Valley is a true 4 season playground which is blessed with abundant snowfall in winter (average 16 feet) and a mild and pleasant climate in summer resulting from the jet stream bringing warm air from continental North America which is tempered by the proximity to the cool ocean currents around our shores. Average temperatures in summer are around 24 degrees Celsius.

Winter provides the opportunity to participate in the full range of normal winter sports but in addition offers the opportunity to experience a number of less readily available adventures including snowmobiling, snow shoeing, ice fishing and dog sledding. Summer offers the opportunity to venture far and wide exploring all the island has to offer or, if you prefer, to stay closer to home and participate in the many activities available in the area. Fall offers spectacular colours as the trees change although here in the valley it is in more mixed hues of yellow, orange and red rather than the intense reds found in New England.

"The Lodges at Humber Valley Resort offers luxury accommodation at the renowned Humber Valley Resort in scenic Western Newfoundland, your gateway to adventure and exploration in summer and winter."


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