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Hot Tub, Holiday Lodge, Humber Valley Resort
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Lomond River

  Grouse, Near Bakers Brook Falls

Hot Tubs

Lying back, relaxing in warm water, watching the stars as bubbles swirl around you is one of the more enjoyable ways of passing some time. For this reason a number of our Lodges have been equipped with hot tubs which are available for rent at an additional cost. Note: hot tub bookings require at least 3 days advance notice (especially in winter).

Hot Tub, Holiday Lodge, Humber Valley ResortWe take our guests health seriously and want you to go home relaxed and as healthy as you arrived. For this reason our standard operating procedures require that all our tubs are freshly filled with clean water and fresh chemicals at the commencement of any stay and that they are emptied, cleaned and sterilized after each stay. To cover the cost of this work a set up fee of $140 + HST is charged for each hot tub rental. A daily rental rate of $20 + HST is also payable to cover operating expenses and periodic checks.

Hot tubs should be used with caution by those with certain medical conditions. Please check with your physician if you have a relevant medical history. A set of safety and sanitary guidelines will be left in the chalet. Guests are asked to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and to observe them at all times.

Coloured towels designated for use with the hot tub will be supplied with each hot tub rental but you may prefer to bring your own towels with you.

"The Lodges at Humber Valley Resort offers luxury accommodation at the renowned Humber Valley Resort in scenic Western Newfoundland, your gateway to adventure and exploration in summer and winter."


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